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How to use this plan:

FallProPlan.com has 9 sections. Each section asks the creator questions and gathers info related to key elements of a site specific fall protection plan. It provides some best practices, warnings and suggestions for the creator to consider. The creator can add/take a photo or draw a sketch on the printed plan. Workers can sign the electronic plan or the printed plan. When the Supervisor has approved the plan there is a signature area for confirmation. The best way to use FallProPlan.com is to create it with the group that will follow it. FallProPlan.com used in conjunction with QR Safety will save your plans and allow you to use and edit them in the future. Contact We the Safe for more information info@qrsafety.com


FallProPlan.com is a series of questions that should be answered prior to working at heights. It is intended to help a qualified person complete a fall protection plan. It is not the only questions and is not a replacement for proper supervision or training. Prior to working in any hazardous environment, it is the responsibility of the supervisor to complete an assessment and implement the controls needed to reduce the risk.

FallProPlan.com may be a part of this total solution however is not to be the only part of it. FallProPlan.com and We the Safe Consulting Inc. does not guarantee, in any way, that the plan created with our system is complete or that it meets the entire requirements for any regulatory requirements or company rules. Furthermore, it is not possible for FallProPlan.com or We the Safe Consulting Inc. to confirm that any of the information entered is correct or that the actions stated are performed. Users of FallProPlan.com use it at their own risk.